The edge of intelligence: the strategy behind business use of market intelligence

Market intelligence helps businesses to understand the needs of their customers, accelerate their growth, and adapt quickly to evolving environments. But many need help to capture these dividends. The FT's latest report explores further.

How you can benefit from our pricing model

For knowledge managers and information managers, providing quality market intelligence presents its own challenges, from deciding which platforms and data sources to use to the amount organisations are willing to pay for such intelligence.

Brexit: 7 ways your team can stay informed

The result of the United Kingdom’s EU Referendum sent shockwaves around the world, moving markets and challenging the world order as know it. Here are seven ways the Financial Times can keep you and your team on top of all the latest Brexit developments and the implications for Britain, the EU and the global economy:

FirstFT – now available to read in the app

Are you a desktop newshound or do you prefer to peruse a curated email briefing? Maybe you are an FT app devotee? Whichever way you prefer to read, the good news is that FirstFT – your curated morning news digest of the day’s top stories – is available on each of these platforms.