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According to the Content Marketing Association (CMA) content marketing is worth over £4bn, and represents about £1 in every £4 spent on marketing. Such investment should come as no surprise. In today’s always-on digital world consumers have a constant stream of content at their fingertips everywhere they go. It’s never been more important to reach, engage and convert your current and prospective clients with content.

However, creating enough relevant content – be it video or text – that resonates your target audiences is easier said than done. Indeed, in a 2015 survey of 300 UK content marketers (B2B and B2C) the top five challenges they faced were:

  1. Producing engaging content (61%)
  2. Measuring content effectiveness (58%)
  3. Producing content consistently (58%)
  4. Measuring ROI of content marketing (49%)
  5. Producing a variety of content (40%)

With an FT Syndication licence you can overcome some of these challenges.

FT Syndicate

As a syndication partner you can republish and share a wide range of FT content across your digital and marketing channels, including:

To help you navigate our content offering and get maximum value from your syndication licence, we’ll work with you to understand your audiences so you republish only what your current and prospective clients will value.

With FT Syndicate you can consistently publish engaging content on a variety of subjects, thereby reaching, enagaging and converting your target audiences. To talk to the Financial Times about how FT syndication could augment your content marketing strategy, please contact us.

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