Discover the benefits of the Financial Times ePaper

You don’t always need to pick up a newspaper or be online to catch the day’s most important news. The Financial Times ePaper is a digital replica of our daily print edition. Download it to read stories exactly as they appear in print, on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. 

The ePaper is available to all FT Group Subscription customers with Premium access to FT.com. If you’d like to try the FT for your team, register here.

I start my day with the FT. I download the ePaper before I leave the house so I can read it during my commute.

Anton GoroshnikovAnalyst, Sumitomo Global Research Corporation Ltd.

Choose your view

The ePaper lets you view the day’s stories in a way that suits you. Select:

  • Replica to read or browse an exact replica of the print publication 
  • Gallery to view a simpler box format of large page images
  • Digest to get key soundbites and headlines when you’re short on reading time

Left to right: Replica view, Gallery view, Digest view

Explore recent stories

You can explore recent editions of the FT from the last 30 days and catch up on news from your sector that you may have missed. 

Read offline

Download the ePaper to your device for offline reading, so you can stay up to speed on the industries and stories that matter to you - on a flight, train or anywhere without data or WiFi.

Other useful features

  • An extensive 14-year archive of FT newspapers, digitally created for your research needs
  • Zoom functionality on desktop, mobile and tablet for easy viewing
  • Keyword search to find the news that is of immediate interest to you

The FT is one of the most reliable, concise places you can go. I browse stories on my iPad and the app - a great place to find relevant business news and what’s going on.

Ben PageChief Executive, IPSOS Mori

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