Three FT.com Premium features you should be using

Get the full picture and exclusive insights with Premium

As a group subscription customer with Premium FT.com access, you and your team can take full advantage of a host of news, content and analysis.

We recently enhanced our Premium subscription offering, bringing commentary and analysis from Instant Insight and FT Confidential research exclusively to Premium readers. We also upgraded the FT ePaper to make it easier to read the FT on the move.

These enhancements, along with your existing Premium subscription features will provide you with the unique opinion and intelligence you need to make better, more informed decisions.

Read on below to find out more about these new features which we are confident will give your team or organisation a competitive edge.

What's new?

Instant Insight offers timely and authoritative commentary and analysis from the FT’s award-winning columnists and global network of specialists, to give readers a head start in understanding the implications of the big breaking stories of the day.

FT Confidential Research is a research service which combines proprietary survey data with on-the-ground research on China and Southeast Asia, to give readers predictive investment insights and indicators for key sectors in the region.

New and improved ePaper, which brings you a digital replica of the newspaper, has been optimised for easy reading on mobile and tablet devices, with simple navigation through pages and sections, as well as offline access and a 30-day searchable archive.

What other exclusive content is included in my organisation’s premium subscription?

The Lex Column for impartial financial analysis. Concise and impartial financial analysis of company results, market developments and macro-economic themes to aid your investment decision-making.

EM Squared on emerging markets.  Premium data-driven news and analysis service on emerging markets for readers with business or financial interests in emerging markets.

Free Lunch is a daily email newsletter from Martin Sandbu, providing the meaning behind global economics news.

Top stories in the Editor’s Choice email. A weekly selection of the FT’s best journalism, handpicked by Lionel Barber, giving readers a rundown of the stories they shouldn’t miss each week.

If you are a standard group subscriber and would like to explore premium, or if you are not yet a subscriber and would like a trial for you and your team, please contact us.

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