New ways to gift FT articles

We have updated our ‘gift article’ feature to make it easy and secure for you to share FT.com content with colleagues and friends. Over 50,000 FT.com articles are gifted every month by subscribers.

What is a ‘gift article’?

Premium subscribers can send up to 20 free articles a month to anyone who does not have an FT.com subscription. 

The person who receives the article can open and read the entire article without having to log in or sign up to FT.com. The link can be opened up to three times.

How do I gift an article?

On the left-hand side of an article page, you will find several options for sharing the article - via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or gift article - as well as an option to save the article to myFT.

When you click on the gift article icon, an on-site pop-up will open where you can choose to send the article to anyone or to other subscribers. You can then click to create an article link and choose whether to share by copying the link or by sending via your email server.

If you choose to send by email, a separate window will launch on your desktop in your default email provider with the link automatically included in the body of an email. If you have not set up your email server, when you click you will be prompted to set it up.

What changes did we make?

Previously, when you gifted an article, you were prompted to email the link directly on-site by entering email addresses and an optional message. This would then be sent from FT.com using the email domain gifting@notice.ft.com. 

To comply with new data protection regulation and to simplify the gift article feature, we no longer send email on your behalf from FT.com. 

This update means you do not have to enter any information on FT.com to send a gift article, you can easily select your existing contacts to send to and a record of the email will be saved in your ‘sent’ folder.

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