A new revolution in finance: introducing Moral Money, the latest FT newsletter

In keeping with our commitment to delivering forward-looking coverage, the FT recently unveiled a timely addition to its subscriber-only newsletter offerings.

FT Moral Money, a new initiative that will explore the fast-growing, international shift towards ethical, sustainable, and responsible investing – which, according to venerable reporter and FT editor-at-large Gillian Tett, is the next big thing.

"Today there’s a revolution in finance going on that I’m very excited about,” Tett says. “Just a couple of decades ago, the amount of money invested in so-called ‘ESG’ - that’s environmental, social and governance principles - was only about a few tens of billions of dollars. But today that has exploded to $23 trillion dollars, and it’s still growing fast.”

75% of ambassadors say they want to get involved, and company boards are embracing these ideas with a new fervor.

Gillian TettFT editor-at-large

The ESG sector is growing at a record speed, to the point where a quarter of all investable assets globally – worth $31 trillion* – are being managed with some type of ESG mandate. Moral Money goes further than informing of the latest ESG news; it will offer a dependable voice to help subscribers decipher the fads from key developments, and why your business should care.

Gillian Tett, editor-at-large at the FT, says investors should be paying attention to ESG 

Gillian, who is leading the initiative with a team of two dedicated journalists, Billy Nauman and Patrick Temple-West (formerly of Money-Media and POLITICO, respectively), recognizes the importance of cutting through the noise.

But what really works, what doesn’t – how do you make sense of the hype, and the jargon and the alphabet soup? We at the FT are going to offer you a trusted guide through our newsletter Moral Money.
It’s something you can’t afford to ignore.

Gillian TettFT editor-at-large

The FT is uniquely positioned to cover ESG and impact investing in a way other news sources can’t. We already have a strong track record of delivering a range of reports and conferences on these themes, and while the market for ESG is growing particularly fast in the United States, it is a topic best covered from a global perspective. 

To start, Moral Money will consist of a weekly newsletter and a hub page on FT.com, providing original news and commentary as well as a roundup of relevant journalism from the FT, FT Specialist and Nikkei Asian Review. The brand will extend to events and audio in the future – to which all group subscribers have access.

How can I sign up?

FT group subscribers can subscribe here to begin receiving Moral Money, which is sent weekly on Wednesdays. 

Not an FT group subscriber? 

Group subscribers to the Financial Times rely on our journalism for more than a trusted take on current events. Our editorial team delivers expert insight and analysis into trends emerging across global markets and how it will impact your business, so teams can act decisively and with confidence – and never be caught off guard by the next big thing. 

To learn more about how you and your team can gain access to Moral Money and more, contact us here.

Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, 2018

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