Unpacking globalisation: Trade Secrets, the new trade-focused FT newsletter

The global trading system is under threat, the US and China are battling each other on trade, and the UK is struggling to detach itself from the EU. Globalisation is a constantly changing entity. It can be a challenge to isolate the news that explains the impacts, and locate genuine insight about the complexities it brings. 

With this in mind, the FT has launched its latest newsletter, Trade Secrets, exploring the world of globalisation and trade. A daily briefing published Monday through Thursday, it will focus on trade, supply chains, regulations, currencies and technologies that impact the future of globalisation. 

Trade Secrets reports, explains and analyses the most important stories in the world on that day, giving you the insights you need to make sense of it all. Written by leading FT trade specialists, Trade Secrets takes readers behind the scenes of crucial negotiations and disputes. 

“[This newsletter is] produced by senior writers at the FT and featuring expert guest contributors,” say Trade Secrets editors Roula Khalaf and Alice Ross, “Trade Secrets is a must read for law firms, regulators, institutional investors, companies competing internationally, academics and anyone who wants to look past the noise and read informed, witty analysis of the globalisation issues of the moment.” 

It will cover not just official negotiations and disputes - and the people driving them - but also how companies, technologies and international investment are shaping the world economy.

Roula Khalaf and Alice RossEditors of Trade Secrets

Brussels-based Alan Beattie and Washington DC-based James Politi will bring a Western insight to the coverage, with the best trade stories from our sister publication Nikkei Asian Review curated and compiled in an Asia-specific section, Tokyo Talk. On top of this, every week a trade expert will join the team in Tit-for-Tat, answering three blunt and brief questions about the industry. These experts will be varied in perspectives, thoughts and experiences, with our most recent contributor the former World Bank chairman, Robert Zoellick. 

This is an opportunity to join us at the forefront of the coverage, and hear from key voices at the heart of these industries.

Roula Khalaf and Alice RossEditors of Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets is taking over from the previous FT newsletter, Free Trade, and you can sign up to view it as an FT subscriber by clicking here

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