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Why government institutions rely on FT’s market intelligence

Apart from the obvious coverage on the financial sector, regulations and government decisions, the FT often helps governments and political institutions get more value.

With leading market intelligence and analysis, it helps them understand the impact of these developments and businesses, in order to inform and create their own policies.

Empowering research teams, analysts and policy makers

Researchers, analysts & policy makers need to be able to comprehend a wide range of issues without being overly influenced by those with vested interests. By offering a truly global, accurate and reliable assessment of events and changes, in a neutral manner-  government institutions count on the FT’s market intelligence and reports to inform policy making or adapt their operations. 

Recently, we spoke with one of our Clients, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) who make available to over 50,000 of their employees. With their subscription, HMRC rely on the FT’s ability to distil information from hundreds of sources to deliver authoritative and timely news and analysis on global business, finance and politics.

“As we are a large organisation with many different business streams, it’s difficult to keep up-to-date with decisions made by ministers. The FT helps to fill in the gaps and give us an overview of the impact decisions can have on the public and businesses alike.”
Sol Sohpal – Serious Defaulters, Management Unit, HMRC

To find out more about how HMRC use FT Group Subscription solutions, click here.

Giving government employees the intelligence they need for efficiency and productivity

For Government institutions, our readers desire a source that is verifiable, relevant, timely, robust and offers depth of information.

Over 50 of the world’s Central Banks have an existing FT Group Subscription licence and 65% of FT readers in the government sector agree that the FT is essential in helping them feel properly informed on the issues that matter.

You can read more here or contact us for more information about how we can help your institution.

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